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Never forget, but so we must learn to forgive.

Okay, I know. You've already seen tons of posts about 9/11 that have filled your feed... so bear with me because here's one more, but it's a little different than what you've probably already seen.

You see, I was barely walking when the towers came down and according to my mom I was sitting in diapers on the living room floor, so I have, obviously, little recollection of these events. BUT I AM, beyond fascinated and intrigued.

Something about this event has always struck a root deep within me.

I often find myself at random parts of the year asking people their stories from this day. Their own personal experience with this day in history.

It fascinates me how something that happened in two square blocks of the world left a huge lasting imprint (and for some an ache) on millions of souls around the globe within 24 hours. (which is completely understandable), and it will probably continue to interest me for the rest of my life.

I'm intrigued by history and I love to create documentaries. I found this passion from my studies at my alma mater.

Documentaries are unique and speak to the truth of the one who created them. A film which is usually derived from facts but created from one's own interpretation.

In other words, they hold a certain level of truth.

I debated posting this video for a couple months now and especially on the date of 9/11. But a last-minute draw felt it made the most sense.

In the fall of 2019, I took an editing aesthetics course and was tasked with editing compiled footage. It could be about anything. Literally anything. Many options if you ask me. But that's what made this project also so great. After some thought, I realized just about every Sept. 11, I found myself looking at old footage of this day. I mean, I love archival footage and especially raw footage. Footage that shows deep crevices of emotions and truth. And I have also seen many movies, documentaries, and compilations of the events from 9/11. But for some reason, I wanted to have a go at it myself.

I spent many hours viewing and reviewing footage from 9/11, listening to interviews, hearing stories, then editing and critiquing. But I finally finished it and it sat on my hard drive for 2 years. I have shown this film to probably a handful of people and all of the remarks have come back overwhelming. They were shook and for some, they couldn't watch past the 30-second mark because they were so affected by the events from this day. They urged me to share.

I say this also as a warning.

The clips are graphic and can cause some deep disturbances within if this day affects you on a deeper level. Even though it's only 4 minutes long, I tried conveying a linear story of the morning of 9/11 with help from found footage, documentaries, and newsreels.

It may surpass your expectations or it may do the complete opposite. It doesn't matter to me. It's just my wish that this film is shared to show you the day from a different perspective, and maybe a clip that you haven't yet seen.

Feel free to leave your thoughts.

Stay well :)

Never Forget, but so we must learn to forgive.


This video and the clips arranged within

were created for educational

purposes in accordance with

Amendment 17 US Code § 107 of the

Copyright Act (1909)

(Fair Use)

The documentary was made entirely of re-ordered found footage.

Created by Jordan Johnson - Nov 12, 2019

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