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 Professional, Creative, and Authentic 

Melrose Visuals was founded with one goal in mind: 
To capture beautiful and high-quality visual content that shows the authenticity of every event and person involved.

Thanks to our professional approach, we've been lucky to collaborate with many professional creatives and tons of awesome clients for a variety of projects. 

Melrose Visuals and our creative team produce professional photography and videography for weddings, events, small businesses, and television. Find out our specific service offerings under our services page.

The Team


Jordan Johnson

Filmmaker and Photographer

One of my goals in life is not only to do the best I can with every action but to feel good about every action I take. This is why every shot, every cut, and every color I grade, I do it with...



Taylor Kravtin

Wedding Photographer

The perfect image captured at the perfect time speaks to people. I'm a storyteller who uses photography to capture precious moments in people's lives. I have been shooting photos for over..

Official 2019 Couples' Choice Award

2019 Savannah's Couples Choice Award

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Growing up Jordan regularly visited his grandparents who lived in North Carolina. He visited them to escape, have fun, and to travel with them. As a child, their mountain house was kept dear to his heart. His grandparents drove him to keep pushing hard, and never stop learning. This is why the name and logo resemble all of the things that helped Jordan keep pushing forward in life when he was younger.

The name of Jordan’s company is the name of the mountain his grandparents lived on. When looking at all the mountains from their deck and the many peaks in the sky, Jordan realized that it could resemble life in a very similar fashion (not to get overly symbolic but hear it out).

Jordan sees his life from where he stood and saw as far as the eye could see, to him as a healthy elder (similar to that of his grandpa). Along the line of life are peaks, and also obstacles, but the journey of how to reach the end of all the peaks and obstacles is yet unknown, as the view is as far as the eye can see.

There will be many obstacles that will stand in our way, but along the way, there will also be peaks.

It reminds Jordan that you have to work hard to overcome the obstacles in life but when you reach one peak, don’t stop there because there could be many more.

Congratulate yourself for achieving one mountain, but never stop improving because you never know what's around the corner. 


Jordan and Grandparents
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