I founded my business with one goal in mind:

To have fun while creating cinematically beautiful, and high-quality projects in film and photography.

That simple.

Thanks to our professional approach, we’ve been lucky to collaborate with many professional creatives and dozens of awesome clients.



My start as a filmmaker was not planned.

It really began with me holding a clunky 2000's VHS camcorder and pretending I was a news reporter for half the day. 

What I didn't know though, was that was the beginning of a lifelong seed that sparked my whole professional young-adult life.

And ever since, I've been documenting reality as I see it.

I can now say, I've found my passion.

To this day, I strive to bring my visions of documentation to reality by creating content that speaks to honesty and unlocks the creative potential of all who are involved. Capturing content that echos positivity and authenticity. Whether I'm the one with the camera or the one behind the scenes, it's through empathy that I help to share the stories of humanity.


I have a dog named Clyde - spending most of my days playing with him gives me so much joy.

He also loves to go skating with me on the streets of Savannah. 

When I'm not on my porch or in some Savannah nature spots I am definitely traveling somewhere, probably the mountains...it's my escape from all the chaos. 

Feel free to email me - I'd love to hear from you.

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Official 2019 Couples' Choice Award

2019 Savannah's Couples Choice Award

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Growing up Jordan regularly visited his grandparents who lived in North Carolina. He visited them to escape, have fun, and to travel with. As a child, their mountain house was kept dear to his heart. His grandparents drive him to keep pushing hard, and never stop learning. This is why the name and logo resemble all of the things that helped Jordan keep pushing forward in life when he was younger.

The name of Jordan’s company is the name of the mountain his grandparents lived on. When looking at all the mountains from their deck and the many peaks in the sky, Jordan realized that it could resemble life in a very similar fashion (not to get overly symbolic but hear it out).

Jordan sees his life from where he stood and saw as far as the eye could see, to him as a healthy elder (similar to that of his grandpa). Along the line of life are peaks, and also obstacles, but the journey of how to reach the end of all the peaks and obstacles is yet unknown, as the view is as far as the eye can see.

There will be many obstacles that will stand in our way, but along the way, there will also be peaks.

It reminds Jordan that you have to work hard to overcome the obstacles in life but when you reach one peak, don’t stop there because there could be many more peaks.

Congratulate yourself for achieving one mountain, but never stop improving and working hard because you never know what's around the corner. 

-Live Life, Love Hard

Jordan and Grandparents


At the Savannah College of Art and Design, I have learned valuable skills that have shaped me into a hard-working young adult with an immense passion for film and television. But what I am most proud of learning at SCAD is the truth about artists. 

Every artists' main goal is to share the truth. Not 'truth' with a capital "T" but one with a lowercase "t" because its the small truths that artists have the responsibility of sharring, that connect to the bigger truths.

One cannot possibly tell the world the truth by himself but more so, one should not try to tell another what they should believe to be true. 

So that's my point, my job as a filmmaker (one that I take very seriously and responsibly), is to try and find a compelling way to document and visually inform my audience the truth about the reality I have seen

but also the one you have lived.