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"Having a grateful heart and helping hand with every breath I take. I give freely and without expectation."

Jordan Johnson




Savannah, Georgia

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About Me

Smiling is good for the soul, and I love to capture it.

I not only want to do the best I can with every action but I want to feel good about every action I take. This is why every shot, every cut, and every color I grade, I do it with intention.

After all, I may be filming one of the best days in your life which is a privilege and responsibility I don’t take lightly.

I capture the essence of your feelings through my camera and am responsible for ensuring that what you feel on your day is what you feel every time you see the content I create for you.

I know I'm also not usually the only vendor hired to capture your special memory... which is why it is my personal mission at each event to collaborate and unlock the creative potential of all who are involved. You will see me communicating thoroughly with other creatives and smiling throughout the day as I observe your story with my camera. I value others' work and collaborate with them to enhance their creative potential for their clients, who are usually also mine.

I strongly believe that creative work finds the creator it's meant to and I want to make sure the best comes from us all.

The creative energy you wish to have created has guided you here to my website because it knows that I have the potential to bring it to life in a way that only I could imagine it. Based on my exact life experiences, preferences, and vision up to this point in time.


If you have seen my work and like the style I bring, then all I ask you to do is reach out and see if the creative magic can flow between us.

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