Each wedding brings with it a memory to remember, and since 2017, Melrose Visuals has worked with couples and professional collaborators to film over 25 beautiful weddings stretching the eastern seaboard. 

Below you can find some of our most popular options:




30% DEPOSIT - total cost varies upon services desired

All of the options are customizable to fit your specific videography needs.

For most films, our turn around time is 3 weeks.

We work diligently dedicating our time to a few clients at a time

so that your film can have the close attention to detail it deserves.

By doing so, your film comes quickly and retains the best quality we can provide.

All films include licensed music so that you can be at ease about copyright when posting to social media.

If you have any additional questions on wedding videography services, contact us.

1-2 Minute Highlight Film

4 Hours Coverage

Licensed Music

Up to 100 Miles Travel

2-4 Minute Highlight Film

Full-Length Ceremony Film

6 Hours Coverage

+ Base Package

4-6 Minute Highlight Film

FB Live Stream

8 Hours Coverage

+ Classic Package

Don't let COVID stand in the way of having a creative video to share the love of your event.

We will re-book any event that is canceled in relation to COVID at no additional charge.

(contingent upon availability).

If we can't reschedule, you will receive a 100% refund - not including the non-refundable deposit.


Cost Varies

Have a special event, corporate event, anniversary, birthday, or anything else we can't think of?

Great! This is for you. 

We just need an initial form giving some details on what you’re looking for so we can get an accurate quote. 

For a general note:

We charge $185/hour for our videographers.

If you have any additional questions on event videography services, contact us.




50% deposit applied to the total cost upon booking.


The base package includes:

​​(1) Photographer for 1 Hour

One Location

20 Fully Edited High-Quality Digital Portraits

2-week turn around time

Additional Services:

- Additional Time


- Additional Images




50% deposit applied to the total cost upon booking.

This service includes a minimum of 15 images and no maximum.

We photograph all types of products in almost every setting.

We would love to talk about the settings of the photographs in our first meeting.

Additional costs and services will be calculated during our first meeting to determine the needs of your project. Contact us.

Camera Crew


Are you in need of a corporate videographer or maybe even a corporate film producer?

You've come to the right place. We have experience with both! 

We will manage your budget, breakdown the scripts, find-lock-and secure locations, gather crew, handle cast and crew releases, be responsible for all legal permitting and documents as required, and abide by all local, state, and federal laws and regulations for filmmaking.

Inquire to get a selection of our corporate work to view. We'd love to see if we would be the perfect fit!

Coca-Cola Regal Films Competition
Coca-Cola Regal Films Competition


BTS Jordan in Studio
BTS Jordan in Studio

Coca-Cola Regal Films Competition
Coca-Cola Regal Films Competition

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