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Melrose Visuals offers a couple of unique creative services. Check them out!


Need that short film or commercial idea of yours produced?

Maybe it's just a concept or you have the script. No matter where you are at, from concept to screen, Melrose Visuals will collaborate with you to produce an awesome film that you'll be proud to share and accept awards for.

We start from the beginning. 

Concept to Script. 

We then breakdown the script and start budgeting and location scouting. 

We will be the producers of your film with the finances, paperwork, permits, equipment, cast, and crew all taken care of.

We are an in house production firm as well, so if the creative decision is right, feel free for us to take care of the editing process as well. 

We will take you all the way to the end to taxes, copyright, and distribution. 

Maybe we can turn a profit for you, but that's not our focus. 

We aim to create great professional films.

Cost: Varies

Budget and Time Based Price


Deposit: 65% of Total Cost

The deposit is deducted from the total cost upon paying.

The remaining payment is due after production.

Booking Fee: $50 - Due before first preproduction meeting. 

Deposit: 20% of Total Cost

The deposit is deducted from the total cost upon paying.


Cost: $325

Need a film cut?

This package includes:

Up to a 5 Minute Recap, Highlight, or Documentary FIlm

Licensed Music


Book now to inquire with more specifics about your request. We would love to sit and brainstorm to see if we are the write post-production company for your needs.

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