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Jordan Johnson

What it's like working with me:

With all of my films and clients, I am very intentional when I press the record button or make a cut in post.

Besides from creating with intention, I describe my style as cinematic, yet un-intrusive.

Meaning, I try to be out of sight and out of mind.

My minimalist shooting style allows me to shoot on a small camera rig, so there's no eye-soaring equipment.

My lens is what allows me to get those candid cinematic shots from a distance that otherwise would be less authentic if a camera was nearby (some people aren't as photogenic, and I respect that).

I love for my clients and the guests to feel just as comfortable there as I do.

 I will direct people when needed or chat them up so they're comfortable but by only directing when needed, I can capture the day for how it authentically presented itself and my work speaks of that. 

I take my job with high respect, professionalism, and the responsibility it entails.

I will be laughing and grooving to the music on your day just like you but while also doing what I love and capturing the vibe that you and your new life partner are feeling.

When you put that together with feeling all of the same emotions from the day within the film, it creates a spectacular delivery that truly will move your soul every time you watch it.

Official 2019 Couples' Choice Award

Professional Filmmaker and Photographer

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