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Thanks for your interest in Freelancing for Melrose Visuals.

On the occasion and during our busy wedding season, additional help needs to be contracted out to freelancers local to the Savannah, Georgia area. 

Our intentions are to keep the number of Freelancers to a minimum but to hire freelancers with the intention of growing with our team so that we can output a streamline artistic style to all of our clients for which they deserve.

Freelance positions vary depending on the season and need. We are ALWAYS accepting applications for all positions, and if no work for you is near, you'll be on the list of freelancers who are available and looking for work. 

Basic Requirements for All Positions:

- Must have reliable transportation and willing to travel out of town.

-Must be local to Savannah or willing to travel to Savannah as needed.

-Must have a portfolio of work to show if applying for a creative position

-Must have Resume

-Must pass a background check

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